“The Phoenix Multi-Faith Society is an excellent example of individuals of different faiths and backgrounds coming together to provide a united front against intolerance, hate and discrimination, ultimately making Edmonton a better place to live.”

Denis Ducharme
Former Minister of Alberta Community Development


Our Stories

The Phoenix Multi-Faith Society for Harmony has been collecting actual stories of Abrahamic multi-faith cooperation, and has recently published this collection. 

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Muslim Stories:

Formation of the Edmonton Council of Muslim Communities - Marlene Haymour and Shayda Nanji

Saima Ahmed's Realization - Saima Ahmed

Nomination for a King - Richard Awid

The Annual Interfaith Symposium: Uniting Women of Faith - Ayesha Mian

Uncle Sam Jamha - Richard Awid

Lawyers Working Together - Yasmeen Nizam

The Arabic-Hebrew Experience in Edmonton - Soraya Zaki Hafez

The Road to Healing - Soraya Zaki Hafez

Compassion Leads to Friendship - Richard Awid

Imam Hummudah Abd Al-Ati - Richard Awid

The Al Rashid - Canada's First Mosque - Richard Awid

Jewish Stories:

My Lebanese Cousins By Paula E. Kirman (includes The Relationship - Richard Awid)

Remembering Sam & Annie and the Crown Grocery - Don J. Manderscheid, Q.C.

Jewish Family Services - Supporting Edmonton Families of All Faiths - Debby Shoctor

True Harmony: Bridging Cultural Divides Through Music - Paula E. Kirman

Mitzvah Day - Paula E. Kirman

Dr. Harry - Sterling Haynes

Rabbi Ginsburg and the Deicide Debate - Kathryn Ivany

Eliot Cohen (Corday) - Sterling Haynes

Jake Superstein: A Man for All Faiths - Debby Shoctor

Remembering First Twins' Bar Mitzvah (1939) - Harold Rodnunsky

Genocide Memorial Garden Dedication: "One Step in Fostering Cooperation Among Faith Groups" - Paula E. Kirman

Christian Stories:

Father Bill Irwin: The Man, The Vision - Marc Barylo

Come Pray In Our Mosque - David J. Goa

Celebrating 150 Years in Solidarity with the People of Alberta Sisters of Charity of Montreal "Grey Nuns" - Sister Rosaleen Zdunich

My First Inter-Faith Encounter - David J. Goa

What We Want the Other to Know and Teach about Our Religious Traditions - Sister Rosaleen Zdunich

Interfaith Generosity: McDougall United Church and Beth Shalom Synagogue, 1938 - Kathryn Ivany

A House of Understanding and Cooperation: The Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers "Trinity Manor" - Paula E. Kirman

Jews & Christians Make History in Edmonton - Sister Rosaleen Zdunich

Rabbi Delivers Lecture Series at Roman Catholic Newman Theological College - Sister Rosaleen Zdunich

Working to Eliminate Discrimination: The Harmony Brunch - Paula E. Kirman

A Journey of Faith - Sister Rosaleen Zdunich

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